Baby steps

So last night was pretty bad. I binge are when I got home from work and just kept stuffing my face until the wee hours of the morning. I’ve come to realize that the later it is, the more likely I am to binge. This is most likely because I convince myself that the headaches that arise from lack of sleep are really due to hunger

 So I eat and eat. And I’m too tired to really think about why I’m doing it or even whether or not I should be.

This morning I decided that I’m going to set myself straight (although I still hit a jump in the road). I bought a boat-load of fruits and veggies to get on the healthy snacking bandwagon. Of course, I fell victim to my gluttonous cravings and purchased (and proceeded to entirely consume) a digiorno pizza. Not my finest hour. BUT I did resist the temptation to buy a box of crumb too donuts that were half priced. So kudos to me.

I also just got back from a 3.2 miles run (which proba my would have felt better if I hadn’t had eaten that whole pizza…but whatever). I’m feeling a little bit proud of myself and plan on sleeping early to kick the late-night-snacking bucket. 

Hopefully I don’t succumb to an y more cravings tonight. I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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